Trendy Pet Foods For The Animal Lover

Animal lovers are stepping up when it comes to selecting a food for their pet. We live in a society where the public is moving towards a more health-conscious brand of eating, and the pet food industry is capitalizing on this trend. One company, Freshpet, Inc., now offers the first line of refrigerated pet foods, and their selections look and smell good enough to eat. In fact, Michael Hieger, the manufacturing chief of Freshpet, Inc, sampled a piece and stated, “Tastes just like Thanksgiving.”
Sales of these specialized pet foods have skyrocketed by 45% in the Unites States since 2009. This year the demand will cause sales to top one billion dollars. Companies are even integrating new trends like the Paleo diet.

Nestle Purina has been a pioneer in creating new products for the discerning pet lover. They have created a website where owners can create customized blends for their pooch. Purina also developed the‘s line of dog food, which includes dry food, wet food, and treats. Purina has hired a team of nutrition experts to develop their Beneful products.

Beneful‘s wet dog food is available online on Amazon in the classic Incredibites and Chopped Blends. In addition, PurinaStore offers Medeleys that almost sound good enough to eat. These flavors include Tuscan Style Medley with beef, carrots, rice, and spinach, Romana Style Medley with chicken, carrots, pasta, and spinach, and Mediterranean Style Medley with lamb, tomatoes, brown rice, and spinach. They also offer delectable sounding recipes including Beef Stew, Roasted Chicken, and Savory Rice and Lamb Stew.

Trends in health and wellness have lead to people choosing more organic and wholesome foods. Now animal owners can do the same for their pets by purchasing these new line of specialized foods that allow you to feed your pets as well as you feed yourself! Like the Beneful facebook page:

Instagram is Motivating Fashion Trends

Instagram is a social media network that is used to promote photos and in this case fashion. That’s right, Instagram is now being used to promote fashion trends among the masses. Hundreds of thousands of people are now turning to Instagram to find out about fashion trends, styles and new looks for the upcoming season.

Instagram has always been a medium for exchanging information through photos. People share recipes on Instagram and they use this site to promote vacations or other subjects that people are interested in seeing. Now, some fashion gurus are using this site to endorse their own unique clothing lines and styles.

The site provides people with a great way to advertise their own unique style. They can take pictures of newly designed tops and pants and seasonal styles. Summer short sets and swimsuit styles on are shown off on the site and so are the latest fashion tends for the coming 2016 fall season. People can use Instagram to show the world their quirky and original looks. They can also use it to show off the latest fads that are sweeping the nation.

Fashion is forever evolving and changing and Instagram is just one more way that people can show off their styles and trends to the world. You can find out more about how Instagram is helping to change the world of fashion by previewing an article on The Clothes Maiden website.

JustFab on crunchbase is another online subscription company that gives different styles for women and children. It was founded in 2010 with 35 million members all over the world.


Dog Food as Good as People Food? A Look at New Trends

I’ve noticed in recent years that there are more and more stores offering refrigerated and gourmet pet food for those that love their animals like family. This trend has really begun to pick up, with more and more people deciding to treat their animals to the kind of food they think their family deserves. An article in the Daily Herald explains how popular this has become, with some companies focusing on the Paleo diet angle, creating recipes for dogs that their wolf forebears would have eaten. Much of this food is completely edible for humans, unlike most dog foods, but their price reflects this attention to quality; much of this food can cost upwards of twice the amount of a typical canned food.

Some companies, like Purina Store, have staked a lot on the fact that people adore their animals and want the best for them. Despite several losses and the doubts of many investors, the founder of this company is convinced that people are willing to pay more for better quality pet food. Is this really the case?

I think it is, as long as the food isn’t prohibitively expensive. Beneful is a great company that is an option for those pet owners who want a great quality of life for their animal. They offer premium wet, dry dog food, plus treats ( for people who would like to treat their dog but can’t afford many of the gourmet companies out there.

According to the Beneful site, a very large percentage of people recommend their products and rate their food quite highly. Some of their most popular offerings include food with ingredients like salmon, sweet potatoes, green beans, and carrots. Buying Beneful is a great way to take good care of your pet without paying exorbitant prices.



Igor Cornelsen Brings Knowledge to the Investment Circle

I had never managed my own portfolio before I got to know Igor Cornelsen. It was not something that I thought about because I didn’t believe it was something that I could do. It would surprise me to find that I was much better at managing the portfolio than I ever could have imagined. This confidence and skill came from Igor Cornelsen. He has a wealth of information that is so simple to follow.

The young investors that think that they cannot do it should look at some of the tips that Igor Cornelsen has laid down. He tells all of those young investors to go ahead and take the plunge. If they start investing now they will be far better equipped to handle some of the setbacks that can come along in the future. I think that I would have been better off investing early on my own. I didn’t have Igor Cornelsen and his tips at that time, but I am thankful that I have these tips now.

In addition to investing early in life, Cornelsen has also talked about on PR Newsire website the great level of responsibility that one should have for their own stocks. People that are trying to build wealth for themselves should not put that in the hands of any other people. They should not look for someone to build a portfolio and watch every single stock that they have. Most financial consultants are not going to have the time to do this. They have too many clients to keep up with the full depth of every portfolio that they have. This is why it is going to be so important for an investor to stay mindful of what they have. The investor has to keep tabs on their own portfolio, and they have to know what the companies are going to do next.

That is how a lot of people lose money. They pay no attention to what their investments are doing. They put money into these companies when the companies are riding high. As time progresses they see the company shift in the level of quality that is provided to the customers. The demand for the products may shift. All of this can cause the stocks to fall. Sometimes the fall is temporal. At other times the fall is permanent. What investors cannot do is become lazy and complacent. They have to make a decision to watch their investments like a hawk. They must use the same level of mindfulness that a bird of the air would use to protect their nest egg.

Igor Cornelsen has taught me on his wordpress blog all of these valuable lessons. I picked most of this up in the course of a single day.


George Soros gives to a Republican cause to help Democrats to Win the White House

Forbes Billionaire investor and philanthropist George Soros has given $588,375 to John Kasich’s campaign. Soros has a fund manager named Scott Bessent who has given money to Kasich’s campaign. Stanley Druckenmiller (a former Soros fund manager) gave as well. Their combined total given to Kasich’s soft fund was $488,375.
While the donations from George Soros and his managers are nothing new they are confusing for many people. The fact is that a lot of GOP voters do not know why Kasich would accept money from Soros who is clearly opposed to the Republican Party.

It is a fact that according to the Federal Election Committee (FEC) has to report every donation that is given by a person within a federal election. In the case of Soros, Bessent and Druckenmiller; their contributions are clearly documented by the FEC; but what confuses GOP members is the fact that they do not know if Kasich is being directly funded by Soros’s money.

When people donate money for a political campaign by law a candidate can use the money to fund their operation. This is a basic rule for all political campaigns donations that are given to a PAC or Political Action Committee. A PAC represents funding from an organization or group of organizations that aim to support a candidate.

Once again the money within a PAC can only be used for campaign related expenses. As for a super PAC, a candidate cannot spend any money from this type of contribution on their campaign. It can only be used for a political cause that indirectly helps a candidate to win an election. Knowing how a PAC and a super PAC works will help to explain why George Soros is giving money to Kasich.

According to the FEC Soros of the Open Society Foundations, Bessent and Druckenmiller made their donations to a Kasich super PAC known as a New Day for America. Originally, A New Day for America was created by Kasich to fund his campaign. However, this organization had to stop supporting the candidate once he decided to run for president. Once Kasich decided to run for president the New Day for America became a super PAC which indirectly supported political causes related to Kasich.

Soros gave the money to Kasich’s super PAC in effort to get Trump out of office. One of the reasons why this super PAC exists is to stop Donald Trump from getting into office. Many members of the GOP do not want Trump in the role of President. He is not the idea candidate for the White House or person to lead the party.

So Soros’s funding is meant to help get rid of Trump and not so much to help Kasich to become president. This should cause many members of the Republican Party to be relieved since they do not want Trump in office. Hopefully, this information has helped to clear up any misconceptions about pertaining to this incident. The Political Insider has more information about Soros’s donation to Kasich.


Dr Sergio Cortes Explains New Findings On The Zika Virus


As the most recent reportes by Noticias R7 on zika outbreak spreads across Brazil, new findings have shown, that not only does the Aedes Aegypti mosquito transmit the dengue virus, but it also transmits the zika and chikungunya viruses.

According to expert, Dr Sergio Cortes, the three viruses exhibit very similar symptoms. Chief among these are high fever, eye aches, muscle aches, joint pain and red spots on the skin. Although the symptoms are strikingly similar, Bruno Del Guerra, representative of Epidemiological Surveillance Itapetininga (Sao Paulo), says that there are a few differences between the viruses that aid in proper diagnoses. Dengue fever for example, will cause pain in the muscles behind the eyes. The zika virus, usually causes itching and red eyes, whereas the chikungunya virus will cause severe pain in the joints. Due to the respective dangers of each disease, (dengue fever developing into hemorrhagic fever and microcephaly caused by zika) it is of crucial importance that you seek medical attention if you exhibit any of these symptoms. Studies are still being conducted to determine if more than one of these viruses can be present in an individual.

The Butantan Institute in Sao Paulo,is currently working on an antidote to combat dengue fever. The drug has just finished the second round of testing, improving symptoms in 80% of patients. The vaccine, which is able to treat four types of dengue fever, will hopefully be approved for its final round of testing in the next month. For those who have contracted these viruses, the best course of action (as recommended by experts) is to remain hydrated and take at least 5 days of bed rest in order to recover. Dr Sergio Cortes, also recommends that those exhibiting severe symptoms, go on intravenous fluids to stave off dehydration.

Until a suitable cure is found, the only method of prevention is to stop the Aedes Aegypti mosquito from breeding. Experts stress the importance of removing any standing water where the mosquitos can lay their eggs. For a more in depth look at the new findings visit R7 Notícias. You can also follow Dr Sergio Cortes on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter


Nothing Beats Morrison

In a world where corruption is fast becoming second nature to most businesses, I see Morrison standing steady as a rock, glaring the dragon in the eye, as one of the most iconic women of the 21st century. After having studied Journalism at the Northwestern University (Bachelor’s) and at the Berkeley School of Law (J.D), Morrison found enlightenment from the torch of Posner and Blackmun successively for about years. It was probably under their shade that Helane realized the strength needed to weed out vice, nepotism and bribery from nearly all the sectors of the world, and most importantly, that she possessed that strength. (A complete detail of the professional life of Helane Morrison can be viewed on her Crunchbase page or you can connect with Helane’s LinkedIn profile to get news about her life and career).

The world of investment was shamelessly exposed on two occasions in the past: once when the Great Depression struck the entire Europe, and second when the 2007-2008 years brought a tornado of financial peril. The consequence was that most of the people realized for the first time the sense of false security they had been lulled into and faith in banks evaporated faster than the investment groups had imagined. Morrison found comfort and success in laying bare the violation of laws and the fraudulent approaches most of the investment groups were employing to lure the people into their trap. Owing to her fearless approach, she has been awarded the title of “Most Influential Woman in the Bay Area Business and Public Sector” four times. Helane has also been credited with empowering the women working in her wake and promoting a sense of equality among males and females in the workplace. Furthermore, it is not only the humans for which Helane harbors a soft spot. Her active membership of the Regional Parks Foundation speaks out her efforts to preserve the wildlife and do justice to the Mother Earth. 

With a talent as brazen as that of Morrison, I do not find it surprising that she was quickly appointed the Director of the SEC office in San Francisco before she became the Managing Director of the Hall Capital Partners. See more about Helane’s time with the organization here: The Brooklyn-bred lioness has managed to make a name for herself in a male-dominated world and challenge some of the most powerful firms and men in her litigation process that have been the highlight of her career and is an inspiration for all of us. 

Much of this was curated from an original article on Project Eve.


DeVos Pledges Support for Marco Rubio

Dick DeVos is no stranger to the world of politics. DeVos has been a top donor to the Republican Party for many years and was even famously noted in a House of Cards episode that this MLive article covers. His involvement in the current Republic Party primary is now taking a new direction. DeVos was originally a support of Jeb Bush. Since Bush has chosen to leave the primary, DeVos has opted to support the aspirations of Senator Marco Rubio.

DeVos and Rubio have known each other for quite a long time. Even though DeVos’ home state is Michigan, DeVos has a major business interest in Florida. DeVos purchased the NBA team the Orlando Magic. Marco Rubio is a senator who represents the state of Florida. Prior to becoming a senator, Rubio was the Speaker of the Florida House. During this time, Rubio became friends with members of the DeVos family.

DeVos is a very well-known name in Michigan and Florida. His direct support to Rubio is most definitely helpful. There is another benefit to the financial and moral support DeVos is providing. Others may follow his lead. 

Rubio could gain a lot of traction with other donors once DeVos makes his support public. Whether or not these leads to winning the primary will be revealed in time.

DeVos is involved in many things outside of politics and professional sports. Previously, he was the person in charge of Amway (see more details here:, although he has moved onto other pursuits. Dick was even offered the position of ambassador to the Netherlands by George Bush (due to his strong ties with the country because of his Dutch ethnicity), which he graciously declined to continue his efforts with his business and his philanthropic work. DeVos is very passionate when it comes to charitable pursuits. He runs an organization that provides much support to communities in Michigan.

Glad to see the Grand Rapids area make another “best of” list! Thank you all for your role in making our city great.

Posted by Dick DeVos on Friday, March 11, 2016




There are new ways for pet owners to prove their love for their pets. This is by buying them the best meals in the market. One can as well feed their dog or cat with a kind of food that is super delicious and can be shared by the both of them. This will be achieved by buying dog food from the companies that work to bring out the most delicious meals whereby flavor is added. A dog will not only need a balanced diet in the foods fed to it. The dog will also want to feel the flavor. Dogs are like human beings in many aspects including their intelligence and understanding of taste. A dog’s tongue can differentiate between delicious and stale food. Delicious meals fed to dogs improve their activity and playfulness which is a good trait in pets.

Beneful is a company that has proved competent in the manufacture of pet products. Beneful is the kind of brand that anyone out there wishing to give their dogs a special treat should look out for. This company keeps on designing new recipes for dogs every year to ensure that they have the latest kind of meal that would impress both the pet and its owner. Tasting of dog food here is done by professional health and quality officers. The tasting should show that the food is tasty. If the food doesn’t impress the quality officers, then it is considered not to be fit for the dog.

Freshpet and Blue Buffalo are the other brands of pet care products that can be of Purinastore Beneful’s standard. These companies use the same principles and ideologies in their practice as Beneful. They hold the belief that dogs should eat better food than their owners. This is the reason for their diversified ways of manufacturing dog food. It is not such a big problem trying to help one’s pet cut weight. There are special diets that one can stick to in feeding their pets and realize the weight loss that they want. Ordering these foods from the companies is not a big task. Deliveries are now made online.





George Soros Gives Hillary Clinton A Big Donation Through A Super PAC


George Soros has been in the news lately for several reasons. He attended the economic summit in Davos Switzerland recently, and he had a lot to say about China and the global economy. George Soros has been predicting a China meltdown for years, but it appears that meltdown is in full swing. Soros was interviewed by, and he told the interviewer that 2016 is the year China will drag the world into a global economic crisis similar to the 2008 meltdown.

Soros was also the topic of a article. That article mentioned the fact that Soros has donated more than $8 million to Hillary Clinton’s election campaign. George wrote a check for $6 million to Priorities USA Action recently, and he wrote an earlier $1 million check to the same PAC, and another $1 million check to American Bridge 21st century. Both of those Super PAC’s are Hillary Clinton supporters.

The Hungarian-born Soros is no stranger to political donating. He spent more than $20 million in 2004 to oust George W. Bush. When Bush was reelected, Soros decided to scale back his donations until this year. Mr. Soros is a liberal with deep pockets, and he is not afraid to spend money to get what he thinks is right for the country. Soros, as well as other billionaires, will donate more than $1 billion to Super PACs this year. Billionaires do make a difference during elections, and that is one of the issues that Clinton’s opponent, Bernie Sanders, is against.

For the most part, the primary election candidates this year is a diverse group of presidential hopefuls that want to raise PAC money to get elected. Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders have refused to take PAC money, and there is a certain amount of respect due for making that choice.

Many political experts say PAC money has tainted the election process, but Soros disagrees. According to Mr. Soros, donating money to candidates is a legal right. Soros says good policy makers were born from those donations.

According to the article other super rich liberals have also donated to Super PACs. Hollywood investor Haim Saban and his wife Cheryl donated $3 million, and Donald Sussman and Herb Sandler donated $1.5 million each. There are other big name liberals that have invested almost as much as those people, so Hillary Clinton’s war chest from various PACs is estimated to be more than $36 million.

Whether it is fair to donate big money to get people elected is a debate that will be heard for the rest of the year and for years to come. Some voters say money shouldn’t influence elections, but in order to get the message out to the masses, money is king until someone figures out a way to run for office without advertising.