Dog food Sales Healthy

It seems pet owners care deeply for the health of their furry friends. Sales of healthy dogfood items has exploded in the last decade, both in America and abroad. Gourmet options, healthy pet foods, and specialized blends like Purinastore’s Beneful comprise the premium pet foods industry. Sales are up nearly 50% since 2009, and it all began with mostly small, independent manufacturers and brands. These premium dogfoods now constitute a $24 billion per year industry, most of which are made from ingredients usually reserved for dishes prepared for human diners.

Despite greater sticker prices, gourmet pet food sales by Beneful have almost doubled in the last seven years. Gourmet options account for just over 1% of the entire market, and are not necessarily synonymous with healthy foods. Gourmet brands from major manufacturers have been available for years, but the relatively new demand for healthier ingredients has taken traditional pet food manufacturers by surprise.

Some have taken the bait, now offering specialized lines like Beneful for senior pets, those with allergies, and more. A number of high-dollar acquisitions and mergers have taken place recently, proving that traditional manufacturers are willing to bet this upward trend continues, and are angling for a bigger piece of the pie. The global pet foods market was valued at over $55 billion in 2014 and is expected to grow according to, with the US seen as the leader in pet products spending.

While similar, healthy dietary movements have been present in human foods markets for decades, the demand for healthy pet food seems to be less politicized. A genuine concern for pets’ health and well-being appears to be the motivating factor behind consumer purchasing. Still, trends emerge even within the healthy pet foods market itself, including one company’s recent “Paleo Diet” alternative for dogs (it contains no grains). Demand for healthier ingredients does not appear to be a fad, though – something many traditional pet food manufacturers are only now starting to realize.


The Excellent Services Provided By Eucatex

Mr. Flavio Maluf is not only the Chief Executive Officer but also Vice President of the board and chairman of Board Of executive Officers of a leading Brazilian company; Eucatex. He has been serving in this position and dispensing his duties for over ten years. He has different roles in this family company as chief officer of Eucatex Trading e Engenharia, Chief of the Board of Executive Officer at Eucatex S.A and also Chief Officer at Eucatex Quimica e Mineral. Prior to his current roles, he worked for Citibank N.A, New York and Sistema S.A. Corretora de Titulos e Valores Mobiliarios.

Twitter showcases that Mr. Maluf has wide experience and knowledge base from varios fields that has enabled him to perform his roles excellently and monitor other workers. He is a trained professional who holds a bachelor degree in Engineering at Fundacao Armando Alvares Penteado, he has studied for Foreign Exchange principles in New York University, Accounting for Non-accountant, Rural Management and also people management. This knowledge base has enabled the growth of the companies he manages and competes well in this dynamic competitive world. The factor that the workers from his company can learn a lot from him and seek advice has also given his company a good competitive edge. He has been a good role model and has natured talents that have contributed immensely to his company’s growth and development.  He’s well known for talking about financial issues too.  Including when Flavio Maluf talks finance, but also talking about the future of the chemical industry in Brazil as well.

Eucatex Company has different departments. The department of Forestry ensures and produces wood for the Eucatex manufacturing unit. It advocates for sustainable use of forestry resources, respect for quality life of its employees and conservation of the natural ecosystem for the mid and long term sustainability of the forestry business. There is also a recycling department that deals with wood material recycling. It gears its roles in environmental conservation and reduction of environmental pollution. Eucatex has made a lot of investment in maintaining environmental conservation through reuse of wood materials to produce energy that is renewable.

The energy is generated by use of biomass and it is environment-friendly using economical technology that does not burn natural gas or diesel. The program involves social responsibility via partnerships with co operations that equally benefits partners. Other than that, the program raises awareness on Environmental responsibility with partners to stop wasting residues on landfills. The materials made from residues are used to make furniture materials. As discussed above, President Flavio and his company has made tremendous change in the lives of people through the roles they play.  Flavio Maluf also often tweets about Brazil, and the state of business within.


Use Beneful Dry As A Treat For Your Dainty Pups

According to the article, everyone is beginning to think “Health”. The Bloomberg News under the Daily Herald is reporting that pet foods are changing before our eyes. People are beginning to think clearer about what they are serving their furry friends. Several of the major pet food producing companies are toying with the taste and flavors of real meat and produce brand foods. These companies believe this is the next step in pet foods. Storehouses such as Colgate-Palmolive are working out the kinks to a new pet food for your dog. The foods can help the dogs loose pounds while giving them the great taste they crave. These companies are trying to customize the products so that they are full of flavor and good foods. The Freshpet company is coming out with foods that need refrigeration. Turkey and chicken flavors that store in a tube. Freshness guaranteed without all of the preservatives. Molly and Jolly, our twin pompoms are thrilled at the taste of Beneful soft foods. They are a bit too tiny to give the dry chunk food. We do buy the dry to give them as treats. They love the great tastes of the meats in gravy. You can see the slices of turkey or chicken flaky and tender in their juice. The Purina company went a little further in including gravy in the cup of food. Molly and Jolly are dancing on their two back legs when they see us go for a cup of food in the morning. Beneful dry dog food makes a great substitution for sweet treats. Some people give their dogs cookies and chips when they are eating them. The chips and cookies may cause these dogs to become overweight in time. Keep a jar full of dry Beneful dog food on the table next to your favorite easy chair. Whenever you want to treat your dog, Beneful is there in the jar. Your dog will love it. And this is healthy for them. You can also pick up a bag of Beneful treats on Amazon to mix in with the dry food. Purina produces a healthy delicious choice your pet will love.


“I Defected from North Korea” Yeonmi Park’s Story

Yeonmi Park penned a memoir about her life in North Korea and her family’s choice to defect. Many details were withheld from the novel, as much of Yeonmi’s family remains in the country. “I had to change names and withhold details,” Yeonmi said. “Many of my family members still live there. North Korea holds people accountable through association. They could be harmed.” Yeonmi’s family fled to China from North Korea. They had witnessed executions and been subjected to starvation. Yeonmi’s father had been arrested for smuggling goods. When he was imprisoned, her mother was left as the sole provider for Yeonmi and her sister, Eunmi. Their death was certain. It would be slow, but the family was doomed to starve to death. Yeonmi’s mother hired smugglers to help her family reach China. They spent days and nights running through the country’s rugged mountain terrain. They ran through forests, hiked through perilous mountains, and crossed the Yalu River, which was only half-frozen at the time. “I kept running and running,” Yeonmi of The Youngvoicesadvocates recalled. “I could not think about the pain.” One of the smugglers attempted to rape then 13-year-old Yeonmi after the group reached China. Her mother offered herself in place of her daughter. Yeonmi and her mother were then sold into slavery. Yeonmi was forced into prostitution, but the two were freed years later. Yeonmi and her mother continued where they had left off years before, in their quest for freedom. They were detained in Mongolia but were later deported to South Korea. Yeonmi and her mother had difficulty adjusting to their newfound freedom. “To have food was the happiest thing,” Yeonmi said on The Guardian. “We did not have many things in North Korea. The country is a joke to many, but Kim Jong-Un is not a joke to me. He has killed many people and had 25 million more at his fingertips.” Yeonmi felt anger and resentment for years to come but gradually overcame those obstacles after she enrolled in college. She learned about great philosophers and peacemakers and attributed her understanding of human compassion to their teachings. “We must help the people of North Korea,” Yeonmi said. “Kim Jong-Un will take who he wants, and there are 25 million. When China returns refugees to North Korea, it is sentencing them to death.”


Brenda Wardle: Transparent Reporting of the Pistorius Trial

The words courageous, disciplined, and champion were once synonymous with the name Oscar Pistorius. Now, nearly three years later, those words of dignation have been replaced with the most unpleasant of adjectives. Unless you have been living under a rock you have heard the horrible details of what took place February 14, 2013 in Pretoria, South Africa. The charges that followed this gruesome incident were placed upon Pistorius without hesitation and given the facts that came to light overtime these charges came as no surprise. To say the people of South Africa were appalled is to put it lightly. They were heartbroken, not only for the loss of Reeva Steenkamp but also for the loss of their beloved Olympic hero. The residents, along with the rest of the world, wanted the truth. They wanted to know what happened that night, why it happened, and most importantly who was guilty of carrying it out. There was no better-suited individual to obtain and provide this information accurately and respectfully than Brenda Wardle.

Brenda Wardle is most often defined as a legal analyst; however, she is so much more than that. She is a journalist, reporter, student, and most recently an author. Coupled with this, she is holds three law degrees and is currently working towards a Doctor of Law degree at the University of South Africa. Brenda has analyzed various legal proceedings for an array of networks including Fox, Sky News, BBC News, etc. Needless to say, she is very well qualified in the legal and analytic field.

She took on the difficult role of analyzing the Pistorius trial from day one and she continues to follow it today. While most reporters interest and engagement would seem to fluctuate throughout such a lengthy proceeding, Brenda’s was unwavering. Day after day she provided her viewers with astounding coverage of the proceedings and became someone the public began to trust and rely on for this information. Brenda’s work was and still is presented with such clarity that everyone understood what was taking place. More importantly, she was never shy to share her emotions or concerns with her audience. Her honesty and emotion connected her to her viewers in such a way that is so difficult to come by. She humanized her reporting by sharing herself, not just sharing the news. Brenda Wardle remains committed to reporting the facts of the Pistorius trial as it continues to unfold with new charges and sentencing.

Follw Brenda Wardle on Twitter


Why New York Real Estate Company Is Changing the Lives of Many

Over the years, the real estate industry has been moving towards ensuring that every citizen of any given country gets access to quality and good residential homes. This has led to increased number of real estate companies across the world that has invested in improving the living standards of people. On the other hand, United States of America consists of modern real estate companies that have brought much change in the housing facilities in the country. New York City  apartments for rent has seen the influx in the number of real estate companies that have invested in bringing much change in the commercial and residential development of properties. According to a release on the New York Times, 2015 has been the year the real estate companies made a lot of profit from the sale of houses. For instance, Extell Development made a major sale record of the years when it sold the penthouse for an approximate amount of 100.47million dollars thus posting a records sale of the years. This was not the only company that benefited from the sale, the central park facing-condonium recorded increased sale bringing upon increased demand of the new properties.

Brooklyn which is a renowned real estate company in New York City also recorded highest sales of houses in Cobble Hill. Kenneth Griffin that is among the richest investment personality in the country entered into a contract of buying a triplex at 220 Central Park south for an estimated amount of 200million thus adding to the success story of the companies. The company saw yet another boost when Guoqing Chen of Hainan Airlines acquired an apartment that took the entire 86th floor for an estimated amount of 47million dollars. As such, New York City has been experiencing increased sales of the residential houses in the recent years.

Town Residential is one of the leading real estate companies in New York City. The company was established in 2010 by Andrew Heiberger and has since grown into an entity that has attracted the attention of many investors in the city. The company has invested in professional personnel that have ensured first class services are delivered to the prospective customers.

The company has specialized in buying and selling of luxurious houses, marketing and property development. This has been its driving force towards delivering quality and high standards services to the expanding number of clients. These is one company that many people have developed the urge to work for and are willing to work for in their lifetime.


Paul Evans Donation to the NYC Department of Homeless Services

The destitution of many is being mitigated by Paul Evans’ donation of men’s shoes to New York’s homeless men. A generous donation of high quality luxury shoes from Paul Evan’s and its founders, Ben Early and Evan Fript recently helped shine a light on the plight of many in our big cities. From among New York’s 3,000 homeless, fourteen were selected to capture candid scenes of the city’s dispossessed. These amateur photographers worked closely with celebrated photography professionals to produce a body of work revealing what life on the streets really looked like. In a partnership between NYC Department of Homeless Services and the Heart Gallery, the best photos were selected and displayed in an exhibit.

The best of these images were captured with digital cameras and displayed in The Heart Gallery in the “Through the Eyes of the Homeless” exhibit on November 16, 2015. For their participation, these homeless men received a free pair of Paul Evan’s shoes. The gift of free footwear has made a positive difference for these men. It not only improves their stride, but it also goes a long way toward building their confidence in a job interview. Wearing a pair of luxury shoes to an interview does a lot toward elevating one’s self image. This donation is just one more step the founders, both graduates of Tulane University have taken to remedy the financial disparities in the United States.

Paul Evans footwear is sourced specifically from luxury factories and sold directly to the consumer making their footwear far more affordable than other top of the line shoe brands. Selling their shoes exclusively online eliminates the addition of retail markups, keeping the prices lower. Shining a bright light on homelessness is having a two-fold effect. It’s help fight a very important cause and it reminds us of the great product Paul Evans makes available to many.