Richard Blair Helps Clients Secure Their Financial Futures

Wealth Solutions, Inc. is located in Austin Texas, and is a Registered Investment Advisory Firm. The company specializes in providing financial planning to small business owners, as well as families and individuals in the Austin area and surrounding cities. Richard Blair is the founder of Wealth Solutions, Inc. Blair is a Registered Financial Advisor and has more than two decades of experience in financial services.

In a constantly changing financial market, Wealth Solutions believes that financial strategies also change. The company is constantly seeking opportunities to provide both innovative and conservative methods for clients to invest with minimal risk. A number of clients are approaching retirement, and Wealth Solutions understands that the main goal of clients is to preserve wealth and create consistent retirement income while leaving an inheritance for family members. At Wealth Solutions, clients are able to develop a financial plan that will make it possible to achieve their goals, even after retirement.

Wealth Solutions also offers Wealth Solutions University. Clients can enroll and receive emails on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis from the Financial Education series. Wealth Solutions believes that continuing education is essential to the relationship between clients and financial advisors. Enrolling in the university helps clients to take an active role in managing their finances, both now and for the future.

Richard Blair, CAS, CES, CFS, RICP started Wealth Solutions to make a positive difference in the lives of his clients. Whether Blair is providing solutions for families, individuals or small businesses, his goal is to secure their financial futures and contribute to their overall success.

Blair has always been drawn to education, since his wife, mother and grandmother were all teachers. He witnessed the ways that teaching can build one’s confidence while increasing knowledge. This is how Richard realized that he could use educational principles to help people with investments and financial planning. Blair got into the financial services industry shortly after graduating from college in 1993, and the following year, he founded Wealth Solutions.

Richard Blair has increased and honed his financial knowledge over the years, particularly in the area of retirement planning. He specializes in assisting his clients will both planning for and living in retirement. He works to help his clients overcome the common challenges associated with retirement planning and wants clients to realize their dream of a successful retirement.

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4 Of The Best Meals You Can Get Your Dog, As Manufactured By Beneful

Nestle PurinaStore‘s Beneful is a market leader when it comes to the dog food – dry ones especially. There are a wide variety of choices to pick from in order to fill the nutritional demands of your dog; depending on its age, size, and other factors that may influence your decision. Whatever they are, here are some of the available types of Beneful Dog Food and why you should choose them today.
1. BENEFUL DRY DOG FOOD HEALTHY PUPPY: this is formulated to give growing puppies all they require for proper growth. It is Calcium – rich and contains DHA in order to help them develop strong bones, aid their brain development and ensure that their vision is developed enough. Health Puppy as well as other Beneful line of dog food is made with real meat, in this case, chicken; meaning your dog will love the taste of it.

2. BENEFUL DOG FOOD ORIGINALS; this line of Beneful dog food is made to give your dog all of the nutrients required for its day to day activities. It comes packed with anti-oxidants, and it is available in different flavours; chicken, beef, salmon. The salmon enriched version is omega rich, and still does the same awesome job as the rest.

3. BENEFUL DOG FOOD HEALTHY WEIGHT: this is a reduced – calorie dog food formulated to help your dog maintain a healthy figure in terms of weight and still have the vitality expected of it. It contains calorie – smart ingredients that provide your dog with all of its daily requirements for maintaining a healthy body weight but not exceeding it. It is made with real chicken; now your dog can say goodbye to the excess weight in no time.

4. BENEFUL DOG FOOD PLAYFUL LIFE: dogs need strong muscles and bones to maintain their love for play. They also require meals that will help them maintain their excellent health in order to enjoy playing. Beneful formulated Playful Life to help dogs achieve this. Feeding your dog this meal is guaranteed to strengthen their bones, muscles among other things they need for healthy play.

Pick up a pack of Beneful Dry Dog Food on any Wal-Mart store today and help your dog maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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George Soros Wants to Stop Trump with Latino Support

Donald Trump may appear unstoppable at this point in the Republican primary. But George Soros is determined to keep him out of the white house.

George Soros, another New York billionaire and businessman, is ranked 23rd on the Forbes list of the world’s richest men. He is banking on the support of the American Latino community to defeat Trump and is financing a $15 million campaign to get these voters out to the polls.

The effort will be through a new Super PAC called the Immigrant Voters Win PAC. The plan is to bring 400,000 new voters out in November to vote against the Republican nominee (who at this point is very likely to be Donald Trump.)

Donald Trump has polarized the public with aggressive rhetoric on immigration issues. His policy plans include a large wall to be built on the southern border of the United States (which he intends Mexico to pay for). He has accused Mexican and Hispanic immigrants of being rapists and criminals. And he has supported the expulsion from the country of illegal immigrants currently living here.
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Billionaire George Soros funds $15m effort to stop Trump, mobilize Latinos

The 81 year old Soros is an immigrant himself, who was born in Hungry and fled the Nazis in the 1940s. In the eyes of many he is a living example of the American dream. He has supported many causes over the decades, including after-school programs in New York, natural disaster relief, and supporting the arts.

Soros told the New York times, “The intense anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim rhetoric that has been fueled by the Republican primary is … harmful to our democracy and to our national interests.” This effort, on the part of Soros and other Democratic supporters will be the largest single effort to get the Latino vote to the polls to date.

So far, Donald Trump has been like a steam roller destroying everyone in his path. In the Republican presidential primary he has bested each of his rivals, one by one.

Among Donald Trump’s opponents were two Latino American’s, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, who are each children of immigrants who were the best hope the Republican party had to defeat Trump. While Ted Cruz was able to beat him in his home state of Texas, Marco Rubio lost his home state Florida to Trump. Both Cruz and Rubio have now dropped out of the race, leaving Trump as the de facto nominee.

If Donald Trump wins the Republican presidential primary he will likely face Hillary Clinton in the general election. The Latino vote will be crucial for whoever is going to get to the White House. The Immigrant Voters Win PAC may play an important role in the final decision over who will be the next president of the United States.

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What Is Athleisure Wear And Is It For You?

Have you heard of the latest athleisure wear? Don’t feel confused. It’s a new made up term for comfortable, yet functional athletic wear. It has become much more than just a trendy new way to dress. You see the evidence of this new style almost everywhere now. From jeggings to yoga pants and more than this, it’s become a fashion and fitness regular. This hybrid of casual wear with form fitting athletic gear has been welcomed with open arms.
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It’s no surprise that this type of fashion is on the rise. What with so many people opting for comfort these days. This style is not about casual lounging however. It’s about being athletic in style and comfort. Gone are the days of the basic tights, short and tank top combos. Unless that’s your thing of course. Now we are able to wear truly comfortable gear that is fine to wear even while not exercising. You can be ready for that workout on while looking like your ready to relax at the same time. The amount of demand for this leisure sportswear is steadily on the rise as well.

The new found interest in this style of fashion is largely due to Fabletics. This is the company that is being designed and advertised by Kate Hudson. Chances are that you’ve seen the commercials or the ads online. It’s blowing up big time. The company and Hudson are constantly working to improve the level of quality, price points, styles and overall comfort. There is even a line of athleisure dresses made from the same quality materials as the rest of the lineup.

A few of the designs from Fabletics don’t even require you to wear a bra with them. Talk about the ultimate in comfort design! The Tropez is one such design from Hudson that sports a bra right in the dress itself. This is a dream come true for many ladies out there. For more insight into this hot new fashion, click the link in this article.

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Blogger Tired of Flat Fine Hair Goes for WEN No-Poo Method

Chaz Dean is known around the world for his unique, amazing system that washes hair without the harmful chemicals found in regular shampoos. The famous stylist created the revolutionary no-poo way that women could cleanse hair effectively and re-build strength, shine and manageability. It’s called the Wen hair by Chaz Dean ( cleansing conditioner. It’s an all-in-one bottle of natural botanicals that nourish, detangle and clean hair beautifully.
Emily McClure is a writer at who was frustrated with her greasy, flat locks. She decide to try a 7-day challenge to see what the system could do for her and charted her progress with photos and a little log.

Emily was surprised that she had to use 10 pumps of the cleansing conditioner for her medium length hair, but delighted with how smooth and lustrous the Wen hair system left her tresses.

At the beginning, Emily stayed on the daily washes in the shower. The only result that puzzled her was the greasy look her hair took on by the end of the next morning when she awoke.

Emily admitted that she prefers washing at night, so one day in the challenge, she used the WEN hair in the evening. When she awoke, she felt her hair was limp and flat for the entire day.

Another time, the Bustle blogger skipped the wash with WEN as she had too busy a schedule. Her hair collapsed quickly, after she tried curling and styling her locks.

When Emily returned to her daily WEN washing, her hair looked shiny, bouncy and healthy. She met up with friends one evening for drinks, and they all noticed how great her hair looked with high shine.

As long as you adhere to a daily wash in the morning, Emily believes that the WEN cleansing conditioner works like a charm. Wen hair is available on eBay online and most local stores nationwide.


Trendy Pet Foods For The Animal Lover

Animal lovers are stepping up when it comes to selecting a food for their pet. We live in a society where the public is moving towards a more health-conscious brand of eating, and the pet food industry is capitalizing on this trend. One company, Freshpet, Inc., now offers the first line of refrigerated pet foods, and their selections look and smell good enough to eat. In fact, Michael Hieger, the manufacturing chief of Freshpet, Inc, sampled a piece and stated, “Tastes just like Thanksgiving.”
Sales of these specialized pet foods have skyrocketed by 45% in the Unites States since 2009. This year the demand will cause sales to top one billion dollars. Companies are even integrating new trends like the Paleo diet.

Nestle Purina has been a pioneer in creating new products for the discerning pet lover. They have created a website where owners can create customized blends for their pooch. Purina also developed the‘s line of dog food, which includes dry food, wet food, and treats. Purina has hired a team of nutrition experts to develop their Beneful products.

Beneful‘s wet dog food is available online on Amazon in the classic Incredibites and Chopped Blends. In addition, PurinaStore offers Medeleys that almost sound good enough to eat. These flavors include Tuscan Style Medley with beef, carrots, rice, and spinach, Romana Style Medley with chicken, carrots, pasta, and spinach, and Mediterranean Style Medley with lamb, tomatoes, brown rice, and spinach. They also offer delectable sounding recipes including Beef Stew, Roasted Chicken, and Savory Rice and Lamb Stew.

Trends in health and wellness have lead to people choosing more organic and wholesome foods. Now animal owners can do the same for their pets by purchasing these new line of specialized foods that allow you to feed your pets as well as you feed yourself! Like the Beneful facebook page:


Instagram is Motivating Fashion Trends

Instagram is a social media network that is used to promote photos and in this case fashion. That’s right, Instagram is now being used to promote fashion trends among the masses. Hundreds of thousands of people are now turning to Instagram to find out about fashion trends, styles and new looks for the upcoming season.

Instagram has always been a medium for exchanging information through photos. People share recipes on Instagram and they use this site to promote vacations or other subjects that people are interested in seeing. Now, some fashion gurus are using this site to endorse their own unique clothing lines and styles.

The site provides people with a great way to advertise their own unique style. They can take pictures of newly designed tops and pants and seasonal styles. Summer short sets and swimsuit styles on are shown off on the site and so are the latest fashion tends for the coming 2016 fall season. People can use Instagram to show the world their quirky and original looks. They can also use it to show off the latest fads that are sweeping the nation.

Fashion is forever evolving and changing and Instagram is just one more way that people can show off their styles and trends to the world. You can find out more about how Instagram is helping to change the world of fashion by previewing an article on The Clothes Maiden website.

JustFab on crunchbase is another online subscription company that gives different styles for women and children. It was founded in 2010 with 35 million members all over the world.


Dog Food as Good as People Food? A Look at New Trends

I’ve noticed in recent years that there are more and more stores offering refrigerated and gourmet pet food for those that love their animals like family. This trend has really begun to pick up, with more and more people deciding to treat their animals to the kind of food they think their family deserves. An article in the Daily Herald explains how popular this has become, with some companies focusing on the Paleo diet angle, creating recipes for dogs that their wolf forebears would have eaten. Much of this food is completely edible for humans, unlike most dog foods, but their price reflects this attention to quality; much of this food can cost upwards of twice the amount of a typical canned food.

Some companies, like Purina Store, have staked a lot on the fact that people adore their animals and want the best for them. Despite several losses and the doubts of many investors, the founder of this company is convinced that people are willing to pay more for better quality pet food. Is this really the case?

I think it is, as long as the food isn’t prohibitively expensive. Beneful is a great company that is an option for those pet owners who want a great quality of life for their animal. They offer premium wet, dry dog food, plus treats ( for people who would like to treat their dog but can’t afford many of the gourmet companies out there.

According to the Beneful site, a very large percentage of people recommend their products and rate their food quite highly. Some of their most popular offerings include food with ingredients like salmon, sweet potatoes, green beans, and carrots. Buying Beneful is a great way to take good care of your pet without paying exorbitant prices.



Igor Cornelsen Brings Knowledge to the Investment Circle

I had never managed my own portfolio before I got to know Igor Cornelsen. It was not something that I thought about because I didn’t believe it was something that I could do. It would surprise me to find that I was much better at managing the portfolio than I ever could have imagined. This confidence and skill came from Igor Cornelsen. He has a wealth of information that is so simple to follow.

The young investors that think that they cannot do it should look at some of the tips that Igor Cornelsen has laid down. He tells all of those young investors to go ahead and take the plunge. If they start investing now they will be far better equipped to handle some of the setbacks that can come along in the future. I think that I would have been better off investing early on my own. I didn’t have Igor Cornelsen and his tips at that time, but I am thankful that I have these tips now.

In addition to investing early in life, Cornelsen has also talked about on PR Newsire website the great level of responsibility that one should have for their own stocks. People that are trying to build wealth for themselves should not put that in the hands of any other people. They should not look for someone to build a portfolio and watch every single stock that they have. Most financial consultants are not going to have the time to do this. They have too many clients to keep up with the full depth of every portfolio that they have. This is why it is going to be so important for an investor to stay mindful of what they have. The investor has to keep tabs on their own portfolio, and they have to know what the companies are going to do next.

That is how a lot of people lose money. They pay no attention to what their investments are doing. They put money into these companies when the companies are riding high. As time progresses they see the company shift in the level of quality that is provided to the customers. The demand for the products may shift. All of this can cause the stocks to fall. Sometimes the fall is temporal. At other times the fall is permanent. What investors cannot do is become lazy and complacent. They have to make a decision to watch their investments like a hawk. They must use the same level of mindfulness that a bird of the air would use to protect their nest egg.

Igor Cornelsen has taught me on his wordpress blog all of these valuable lessons. I picked most of this up in the course of a single day.


George Soros gives to a Republican cause to help Democrats to Win the White House

Forbes Billionaire investor and philanthropist George Soros has given $588,375 to John Kasich’s campaign. Soros has a fund manager named Scott Bessent who has given money to Kasich’s campaign. Stanley Druckenmiller (a former Soros fund manager) gave as well. Their combined total given to Kasich’s soft fund was $488,375.
While the donations from George Soros and his managers are nothing new they are confusing for many people. The fact is that a lot of GOP voters do not know why Kasich would accept money from Soros who is clearly opposed to the Republican Party.

It is a fact that according to the Federal Election Committee (FEC) has to report every donation that is given by a person within a federal election. In the case of Soros, Bessent and Druckenmiller; their contributions are clearly documented by the FEC; but what confuses GOP members is the fact that they do not know if Kasich is being directly funded by Soros’s money.

When people donate money for a political campaign by law a candidate can use the money to fund their operation. This is a basic rule for all political campaigns donations that are given to a PAC or Political Action Committee. A PAC represents funding from an organization or group of organizations that aim to support a candidate.

Once again the money within a PAC can only be used for campaign related expenses. As for a super PAC, a candidate cannot spend any money from this type of contribution on their campaign. It can only be used for a political cause that indirectly helps a candidate to win an election. Knowing how a PAC and a super PAC works will help to explain why George Soros is giving money to Kasich.

According to the FEC Soros of the Open Society Foundations, Bessent and Druckenmiller made their donations to a Kasich super PAC known as a New Day for America. Originally, A New Day for America was created by Kasich to fund his campaign. However, this organization had to stop supporting the candidate once he decided to run for president. Once Kasich decided to run for president the New Day for America became a super PAC which indirectly supported political causes related to Kasich.

Soros gave the money to Kasich’s super PAC in effort to get Trump out of office. One of the reasons why this super PAC exists is to stop Donald Trump from getting into office. Many members of the GOP do not want Trump in the role of President. He is not the idea candidate for the White House or person to lead the party.

So Soros’s funding is meant to help get rid of Trump and not so much to help Kasich to become president. This should cause many members of the Republican Party to be relieved since they do not want Trump in office. Hopefully, this information has helped to clear up any misconceptions about pertaining to this incident. The Political Insider has more information about Soros’s donation to Kasich.