The steps that Clay Siegall is taking to help in the fight against cancer


One of the greatest medical breakthroughs that is long overdue from the researchers is getting a cure or a therapy that treats all cancer types regardless of the stage of development of the menace. Research into the disease has been going on for the past few decades and many of the firms have made quite some commendable steps towards getting a solution to the problem. One of the research centers that have been working tirelessly to solve this problem is Seattle Genetics. The company has achieved quite some level of success and is even listed on NASDAQ. Co-founder and CEO to the company is one of the people that have been pushing the company to the level of success they are currently enjoying.

The company was started in 1998 after the founders found it necessary to branch away from researching for other companies and follow their passion of getting a cure for cancer. Before going to start the research clinic, Clay Siegall had taken part in several other initiatives. These include the National Cancer Institute where he worked as a research fellow and the Bristol-Myers research Institute where he was a senior research investigator. These are the experiences that paved the way for him to become the successful researcher that he is.

He has been concentrating the activities of the company towards making sure that the drugs they are developing have been approved by the FDA. Two years ago, the FDA approved one of their drugs for the treatment of various types of lymphomas. The drug is doing really well in sales both locally and abroad. For instance, last financial year, the drug brought in a revenue of close to half a million dollars.

Locally, the drug is retailed in the main pharmacies and outlets. In Canada, Takeda Pharmaceuticals is the company that helps Seattle Genetics sells their drugs. In addition, the drug has been approved for use in 60 other countries. In order to expand his reach, Clay is hiring more researchers and equipping their laboratories for better research. The current success by Seattle Genetics clearly shows that they are headed to the top.

The futuristic blend of fashion and technology

Fashion and technology are some the top topics of discussion and interest in nowadays culture. Seemingly unrelated, they have been intertwining and becoming more related to each other. Fashion designers have been increasingly incorporating tech elements and motifs into their designs while technology and gadgets have been focusing on presentation and elegance to make them not only more functional but more fashionable as well.



In one of his latest articles, Chris Burch traces back the journey of the 70s boom box from what it used to be- chunky and heavy, to what it is today- a sleek modern gadget that is only a fraction of the size of its ancestor. He also talks about various fashion designers and the newfound ways to create something unique out of the most unorthodox supplies such as inner tubes of bicycles or recycled radiator copper. Technological and industrial supplies come together with fashion to create a new-age synthesis that is the future of both fields. An amazing creation is clothing that creates kinetic energy through movement and through that energy one could charge a watch, mp3 or another small gadget. This extremely recent concept has come from letting one’s imagination loose, unrestricted from the conventional notions of what fashion and technology are like.



Chris Burch shows a strong fascination of this futuristic blend of fashion and technology and understandably so for he has a background in both fashion and technology. Other fields he has an interest in are real estate, home design, décor, stationary and much more. He is a serial entrepreneur and the founder of Burch’s Creative Capital – a company that encases a few of Chris Burch’s most popular brand names.



Essentially, Chris Burch values imagination and living in the moments of all things. He sees our time on earth as an opportunity to demand change and get people to where they need to go. His entrepreneurship-savvy mind started thinking of new ideas when he was still a teenager, and he saw opportunity in almost everything he came across. That allowed him to grow into a successful investor with a mind open towards bright and fresh ideas. His many interests only show how many concepts and ideas he has been housing in his mind and his impressive portfolio serves as proof that he is not afraid to go out and put his heart into what he really believes in.

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Entrepreneur Josh Verne Talks About How To Succeed

Josh Verne is an entrepreneur, based in the Philadelphia area, that founded and is the Chief Executive Officer of FlockU, LLC. Verne founded the company in April 2015 as he saw a need for college students to have a site to themselves where they discuss anything that was on their minds whether it be exams, sports, or sex. Josh Verne only partners with advertisers that appeal to college-aged students as well as peer to peer marketing in an environment that highlights smart and fresh content.

Verne is a serial entrepreneur who founded his first company, Home Line Furniture, in 1995. While serving as President of the company Josh Verne focused on being a reliable retailer of home furnishings to consumers in the Philadelphia area. In the time that he ran the company until he profitably sold it in 2011, he transformed the company from a furniture store into an international wholesale distributor to other retailers throughout America. His next venture was which he acquired in in April 2011. In this company Verne promoted financial responsibility and gave his clients a way to buy things they need through flexible direct deductions from their pay.

In a recent podcast Josh Verne gave viewers his rules for how to succeed in business and their lives. He has five key points which begin with being a leader and not a boss, which means to earn respect by putting others before yourself. His other key rules are to make sure every negotiation ends where everyone wins, to speak less and listen more, to have a reasonable life-work balance, and to pursue what you are passionate about. About passion he says that you need to find a career where you’re actually excited to wake up and go to work versus a life of drudgery where you’re just going through the motions.


Arizona Tech Guru Jason Hope Sees Shopping’s Obsolesce Looming

Jason Hope, the Arizona entrepreneur famous for founding premium mobile content provider Jawa, has recently been focusing much energy on writing about popular topics in technology. The canny capitalist’s crystal ball has shown no signs of fogging over, as he’s made fantastically clairvoyant predictions on everything from medical research to the direction in which b2b app development would head.

Now, Hope has trained his attentions on writing, evangelizing the public on the coming techno-rapture that he believes will be brought on by the Internet of Things. Hope sees the coming proliferation of data collection and automation as one of the greatest developments in history. While critics raise concerns about privacy or rogue autonomous computers, Hope counters with the prospects of a 10 hour work week, a universal wage and the end of menial labor.

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A case study at a not-so-distantly-future grocery store

Hope believes that the Internet of Things will transform the way we live. One example is the networking and intercommunication of appliances with automated systems. For example, modern refrigerators already have the capability to automatically inventory their contents. In the future, Hope foresees appliances like refrigerators being authorized to automatically place orders at grocery stores. At the store, there will be roboticized carts that will fulfill the order. While this sounds far-fetched, Hope notes that the technology is already largely here. It’s just a matter of cost and demand.

Hope also points out that many of the jobs that take place at grocery and other stores, particularly the stocking of merchandise, are already in grave peril of being eliminated. Companies like Unbounded Robotics already have robotic systems that can easily be programmed to do all of the work that shelf stockers currently do. Jason Hope says, rather than something to fear, this will pass on tremendous savings to the consumer and free up those employees to do more value-added tasks.


Why EOS Lip Balm Should Be Your Next Healthcare Product Purchase

EOS Lip Balm has become a product that is become sought after in the health care and beauty department for a valid reason. It is a product that has truly met the expectation of customers, as opposed to lip balm products that are made by other manufacturers. If you happen to be one of those very customers that have been disappointed by lip balm products from other companies, then please feel free to give EOS Lip Balm a try as they have been known to deliver on their promises of providing a product to their respective customer base that keeps their lips healthy and moist during its application.

What many people fail to realize when it comes to using a lip balm product is that lip balm is meant to last for more than just a few minutes after applying it to one’s lips. In other words, it should not have the user feeling like they did not even apply any lip balm to their lips just after applying it. If this happens to be your particular case, then please do not hesitate to contact an EOS Lip Balm distributor and give their product a try as many customers have been pleased with what they have offered. EOS products are available on your local stores such as Well, Target and Walmart. The products manufactured by EOS are also available online, It is a wonderful product that truly gives customers what they are looking for in a lip balm product. The negative aspects that are experienced by people who have purchased ineffective lip balm products is that they have had cracked lips, dry lips, and pain in their lips from cracking. EOS makes its lip balm product to assure its customer base that they will not be experiencing such problems. They truly have the customers’ health on the top of their priority list when manufacturing the product.



Rising in Talent Acquisition: Julie Zuckerberg

The ability to pick out rising talents from a crowd of potential applicants is no easy feat, but not for Julie Zuckerberg. To her, noticing the potential in candidates and placing them in jobs fit for them is just an everyday task. Julie is an extremely talented and established individual in the field of Talent Acquisition and Management and has risen the ranks to be one of the best in her field. Currently, Julie is the Talent Acquisition Head at Deutsche Bank. In the cutthroat market of human resources, Julie has managed to rise above her competitors, not letting anything stand in the way of her success.


As part of her job working at Deutsche Bank, Julie is tasked with all the recruitment and talent sourcing activities that the company undertakes. Also, she provides her services to numerous multinational corporations and large organizations. Because she has had the incredible opportunity to lay down the recruiting provisions of so many organizations, she has had the good fortune to meet some extremely well known and learned members of various industries, ranging from finance to global technologies. Julie believes in always learning and developing her skill. By meeting these notable members of the industry, she has been able to learn and gain some valuable information and experience which has helped her advance in her career of recruitment and talent acquisition.


Julie leads her team of excellent recruiters who act as her eyes and ears at the various recruitment sessions happening in various companies. Her team is sourced and trained extensively by Julie herself, so as to meet the high standards that Julie sets for herself and her professional endeavors. In addition to handling recruitments, Julie is also tasked with handling various high-level negotiations and managerial agreements. She works closely with the board members of Deutsche Bank and advises them on various matters of the company.


Julie’s entry into the world of talent acquisition and recruiting wasn’t preplanned. She had initially thought of pursuing a degree in philosophy from the City University of New York. She however decided to switch courses and take up a course in law at New York Law School before she entered the field of talent acquisition. In spite of switching courses that much, Julie sees every endeavor of her’s as an opportunity to learn and grow more and become a better person.


She has had a brilliant career spanning over fifteen years in the field of talent acquisition. One of her first jobs was working to recruit various lawyers and paralegals, which was extremely easy for her considering it was a job that merged her skill for talent acquisition and knowledge she gained through her law course. Prior to Deutsche Bank, Julie served as the Corporate Vice President and Recruiting Lead for New York Insurance Company.


When not engrossed in the field of talent acquisition, Julie is busy partaking in the various social and cultural events that New York has to offer. She is an active advocate for women’s rights and believes in helping people in society who are facing economic problems.




Top EOS Lip Balm Flavors To Choose From

EOS is a lip balm company that offers many different lip balm products. Below are just some of the many different products that are available. Each and every EOS lip balm product is filled with all natural, organic ingredients that offer moisturizing and nourishing benefits.

One of the most popular flavors is the strawberry sorbet. It is a light refreshing strawberry flavor that is both moisturizing as well as very nourishing. Another one of the most popular flavors is the sweet mint flavor. It offers a sweet yet subtle mint flavor that is both refreshing as well as soothing. The vanilla mint flavor is also a sweet yet refreshing flavor. And has a hint of vanilla mixed with a hint of mint.

The blueberry acai is one of the most fun flavors that EOS has to offer. It is the perfect blend of blueberry and acai berries. It has a subtle fruity flavor that is both moisturizing as well as soothing. The vanilla bean flavor is a sweet delicious flavor that offers the slightest hint of vanilla flavor. The medicated tangerine flavor is unique in that it offers a light citrus flavor as well as a medicated soothing relief for even the most dry lips.

The pearl and sheer variety offer a little bit of color while also moisturizing and hydrating the lips. The pearl variety is a white iridescent lip balm while the sheer variety is a pink shimmery lip balm. Both are incredibly hydrating and offer just a hint of color to the lips.


Although EOS lip balms are available in a wide range of flavors and colors these are just a few of the most popular. Each EOS lip balm is available online and many are also available in plenty of retail locations such as WellWal-Mart and Target.



Arizona entrepreneur Jason Hope pledges $500,000 to fight atherosclerosis

Recently, well-known Arizona entrepreneur Jason Hope has donated $500,000 to the SENS Foundation to be used in research into fighting the deadly condition atherosclerosis. This is one of the nation’s foremost killers, with its main consequence, coronary disease, being the single largest cause of death in the United States. But atherosclerosis’ path of destruction doesn’t stop there, not by a long shot. It’s implicated directly in other major killers such as high blood pressure, stroke and aneurysm. But, perhaps, even larger still is the effect that the underlying process of immune response and inflammation has on the body as a whole. Indeed, the same disease process at which leads to atherosclerosis also contributes to nearly every deleterious effect of aging itself.

Biotechnology seeks the fountain of youth

Ever since Jason Hope was a small child, he was intensely interested in both technology and medical advances. He was an avid reader of magazines like “Popular Mechanics” and “Wired”, following all the latest developments in the tech world. But he also was a voracious consumer of more technical journals, especially ones like the “Lancet”, “New England Journal of Medicine” and “Nature”. This, in conjunction with his love of biographies, led him to be unusually well-informed on the state of medicine on It is no wonder then that such an acutely aware mind would hone in on the one of the most important areas of ongoing medical research.

But Jason Hope’s reasons for contributing to the effort of atherosclerosis research go even deeper than that. A self-described futurist, Hope has always believed that medicine is ever striving for a future point in which the aging process can be slowed or even stopped in its tracks. This idea may sound crazy, but all one has to do is take a cursory glance at historic life expectancy charts on to see that humanity as a whole has already made incredible strides towards this goal. For example, as late as the 1800s, many U.S. States still had life expectancies in the 30s or 40s, comparable to the most backward, war-torn countries today. Hope believes that in a few decades, so long as research efforts are properly directed, life expectancy for some people may be pushed to 100 years and beyond. But Hope is also optimistic that cures will be found for the ailments that afflict the elderly, giving them not just extended life but extended quality of life.


Wen by Chaz Dean Wen Sweet Almond Mint Anti-Frizz Styling Cream

Wen hair care product line is developed by Lost Angeles stylist Chaz Dean. Starting out in a career of photography, Chaz realized his full potential in the field of hair care. According to Wikipedia, after attending many photography courses he enrolled in cosmetology school after moving to LA. When his career blossomed he worked even harder perfecting his craft which eventually rolled into his own hair care product line. In Bel Air, he found a job at a high-end salon and climbed the rank to manager, which made him get the idea of buying the studio himself and growing his high-end clientele. He renamed the salon, the Chaz Studio, which offered a more personal touch to famous clients who needed a break from their regular lives.

One of the many products the Chaz Dean line has developed is its sweet almond mint anti-frizz styling cream. With its anti-frizz properties, it is developed to get rid of flywaways, improve your hair texture, and protect hair from drying tools. It is suggested to take a small amount to the mid-shaft of your hair when wet. If your hair is on the thicker and/or longer side, use more than suggested to get a sleeker shine.

Being a 5-star company you could only expect 5-star reviews on QVC, and that is exactly what you will find on their the Chaz site or Amazon. Many women are celebrating their hair care successes, especially with this product. The last thing you want in the summer or winter are for your luscious curls to have flyaways or swell.

It is usually hard to find good hair products online that actually offer what they advertise. Thankfully Wen by Chaz offers a satisfaction guarantee. And especially after years and years of haircare and styling, how can you not trust this hair mastery? More hair care tips? Visit,


Entrepreneur Alexandre Gama Makes a Career Shift

Alexandre Gama is the Chief Creative Officer of his company advertising agency, Neogama. He recently stepped down from the role but will still consult with BBH clients. Gama feels this move in his career will allow him to be more of a creative generalist as an entrepreneur. He is still the CEO and Chief Creative Officer of his own company in Sao Paulo. When he’s not deeply engaged in a business endeavor, he expresses his passion for music and cars. Gama invested in sports car company BAC, creator of the one seater Mono. His enthusiasm about cars also expresses itself through the writing he produces for a car magazine as well as a wine magazine.

Alexandre Gama, who is sometimes referred to as Ale, was born in Brazil. He established his background in copywriting and later began his career at Ogilvy & Mather. He later went into a co-leadership position with two other partners at ALMAP/BBDO. The entrepreneur later left and started his own company, NEOGAMA in 1999. Alexandre Gama has been granted numerous awards including 22 Cannes Lions, One Show, CLIO, and D&AD Yellow Pencil among others throughout the length of his career. He’s also been a jury member at Cannes on three occasions and was a Foreman twice for D&AD.

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