Stephen Murray And CCMP Capital Created The Best Trust Account For Our Business

I have a small business that has been focused on building a trust account for a while so we could have an endowment. The endowment that we have today was actually made by Stephen Murray just before he died, but he did get us started before he has to leave work. We both came in to meet with Stephen Murray before we decided to make our investments, and we cut our first check right there in the office.

I spoke to some people who worked below Stephen Murray, and he talked to us about all the things that Stephen Murray taught him, and he spoke to us about how much he believed in what Stephen Murray was doing. Our company has a trust account today that is huge because of Stephen Murray, and we are getting the same kinds of assistance from CCMP Capital that we got when Stephen Murray was alive.

We naturally took a couple days off to mourn the passing of Stephen Murray because he had already meant so much to our company, and we had to call in to talk to the men that he trained to make sure we understood what the next step was. We had to wait to continue trading on the account, and then we were able to make some more choices. Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP Capital:

We felt like we were getting the same service we got from Stephen Murray CCMP Capital, and then we talked to the people in the CCMP Capital office about what they thought we should do next. They actually had the notes that Stephen Murray took in our meeting, and they used those notes to make sure that we had a chance to make more money. Our endowment is very large, and it is all down to the fact that we worked with Stephen Murray before he died.

Thor Halvorssen Has The Background Information On Fighting Corruption

Thor Halvorssen has been in a lot of places in government and charity work that are all very unique. He knows that it is very hard for people to fight corruption on their own, but he decided that it would be much easier for him to help people at his own foundation. He started the Human Rights Foundation in New York, but he did not get away from his roots in helping people. He was the drug czar of Venezuela, and he knows what government corruption looks like.

He is now fighting it from the outside because he wants to confront governments all over the world that are not doing right by their people. He prefers to make sure that he is taking the high road with all these dictators, and he will bring their stories into the media as much as he can. He exposed a lot of corruption in Venezuela, and he knows that bringing it to light is going to change the way people see it.

According to Time magazine, a lot of people do not even know these things until they learn them in news stories, and then they need to make sure that they follow up. That is why Thor Halvorssen keeps talking about it because it took him years to break up the corruption in Venezuela partly with the help of the media. The media helps him get people to remember what he is saying, and then the media makes it very easy for people to remember that they can do something.

Thor Halvorssen has offices of the Human Rights Foundation in places where people can help, and he wants to recruit as many helpers as he can. He knows that he cannot do it alone. He knows that he has to expose dictators, and he can do that in the formation age through the Human Rights Foundation.


What Does Think of Wen by Chaz Dean?

If you’ve watched television at any point in your lifetime, chances are you’ve seen an infomercial for the hair care product line Wen by Chaz Dean []. Endorsed by a lot of celebrity spokespersons, this 5-in-1 formula that combines shampooing, conditioning, and styling treatment in one step, claims to make your hair fuller and shinier after just one use, and has received a lot of positive buzz from Amazon consumers who have used the product and sold over 40 million bottles for the past 16 years.
In February, Emily McClure, writer for the Fashion and Beauty section of the blogging site, decided to try Wen by Chaz Dean for herself for one week and see if it lived up to the hype. On the first day of her “experiment”, she noted that WEN‘s usage guidelines require a certain amount of pumps for certain lengths of hair, and that she felt intimidated by the large amount of pumps she needed for her long hair. However, after washing her hair with the Sephora endorsed product, she noticed that surely enough, her hair was shinier and more voluminous, and that her hair didn’t thin after washing it. On the second day, however, her hair was already very greasy, which was of course fixed by using the treatment again. Over the rest of the week, she had days where her hair wasn’t so greasy the next morning, and others where it was. One thing, however, remained constant: she loved how shiny her hair looked after treatments. Overall, her findings were that Wen is best for people that shower and style their hair every morning, as opposed to those that aren’t as consistent with their hair care routine.


Adam Goldenberg: A Bright Future Ahead

What I most admire about Adam Goldenberg and JustFab is the fact that they look out for their customers, care about their customers, and go out of their way for their customers. What they have done is really quite simple if you think about it, but not a lot of people actually go out and do it. They have asked the customers what they want, want they like, and what they are interested in. They get a sense and a feel for the customer. For only $39.95 a month, they get what they want and nothing less. I know there are other companies that have these types of products, but they don’t give the customer the control to get what they want.

Instead, the customers end up with one of two products they like and two products they either don’t like at all or are lukewarm on. With JustFab on, you are always going to be happy when your shipment of goodies comes in each and every month. The low price is also appealing as well as the fact that everyone loves to open up a package and see what is inside. It is an exciting feeling to get something delivered to you and something that brings out the best in you.

Ressler and Goldenberg whole mission is to inspire women and make them feel good about themselves. Fashion and beauty are selective and what one woman likes, the other woman might not like, which is why they try to bring out the best in themselves with these products. They want women to walk with their heads held high and feel like they can conquer the world. These items bring confidence and self esteem to women. Any time that you can empower anyone, man or woman, that is a wonderful thing, in my eyes. Source:

What is great about Adam Goldenberg is the fact that he is a success story and I love success stories. Frankly, we need more of them in today’s world. Adam Goldenberg actually started his first company at the age of 15! Some people are just born with brights ideas and age is only a number. They can’t wait to get started and show the world what they have to offer it. At age 20, he was the youngest COO of a publicly traded company. Adam has always done things a little differently and outside the box. That is what it takes to succeed in today’s world.


Mike Baur’s Background And His Latest Venture

Who Is Mike Baur? What Is His Background?

Mike Baur is a former Swiss banker and banking executive. He is now an investor, lecturer and entrepreneur. Mike Baur has two master’s degrees. He has a masters degree in business and finance from the University of Rochester, New York in the United States. His second degree is a masters degree in executive leadership from the University of Bern in his native Switzerland.

Mr. Baur grew up in a region outside of Switzerland’s banking center located in Zurich. As a child, Mr. Baur recalls that he showed an early fascination with money, finance and how the economy functioned especially the way money was earned and exchanged. Mike Baur would study banking as an undergraduate and would immediately ingrain himself into the Swiss banking industry.

A natural fit for the Swiss banking industry, Mike Baur went from an entry level job at a major Swiss banking institution to an executive at a small private Swiss bank. This was to be the pinnacle of his banking career. Mr. Baur would spend over twenty years in banking working his way up from the lowest position as an intern to the highest as an executive. His story is one of success and how you can begin at the bottom and reach the top in a corporation through good education, hard work and most importantly commitment.

Mike Baur Launches The Swiss Start Up Factory

Though Mike Baur greatly enjoyed banking and was earning a steady income as banker, he was itching to try his hand in business. In 2014, Mike teamed up with fellow financial professional Michael Hartweg to launch the Swiss Startup Factory. Baur and Hartweg were the two principal founders and continue to play a major role in the operations and oversight of the venture.

The Swiss Start Up Factory aims to kick start startups in Switzerland and give them a boost as they enter the markets. It offers a variety of services that new companies need. This includes investing funds into a venture, providing forecasts, accounting services, bookkeeping services and advisement and guidance. A special accelerator program is also offered by the Swiss Start Up Factory designed for companies that want to move from an idea to a real business in a few months. The Swiss Start Up Factory is based in Zurich, Switzerland. It also offers co working spaces in a new state of the art facility in the heart of downtown Zurich. This is meant to further spur new startups and innovation in Switzerland.


Brian Bonar Named as Cambridge Who’s Who in Finance

Brian Bonar, of Dalrada Financial Corporation was named to Cambridge Who’s Who in Finance. There are only two men and two women in each discipline named as executive of the year. These people are chosen based on their work, and their leadership roles.

Within their industry. Brian has over 30 years of management experience in the financial industry. For over 10 years he has served as Dalrada/s Chairman and CEO. Read more: The New Frontier and Brian Bonar Receives Professional Networking Community’s Highest Honor

The company provides a broad range of employee benefit programs, risk management plans and financial management. Brian is also Chairman and CEO of Smart-Tek Automated Services and Allegiant Professional Business Service

Brian Bonar has expert abilities in designing processes that bring people together to form teams that accomplish major project goals. He is currently a principal for MG2. He has an exemplary record as a leader who pulls people together for positive results.

Over the years he has worked on many commercial projects, retail, multi-family housing complexes, and educational projects. He loves the design process of building for successful production outcomes. He has had much success over the years in building design, land use issues, procurement and contract administration in handling major building processes. Learn more about Brian Bonar: and

Mr. Bonar is MG2’s design leader for the company’s long-term client Costco. He is the principal in charge of Costco’s American and Canadian building projects.

MG2 is increasingly getting involved with designing the tops of buildings to increase their appeal from nearby buildings. They do this by using plants and greenery to make them look more like parks atop buildings.

Brian Bonar earned his Bachelor’s Degree from James Watt Technical College, in technical engineering. His Master’s Degree is in Mechanical Engineering from Stafford University.

He has worked over the years to build his understanding of how to make a business structure work well. His hobbies include boating, golf and spending time with his family.


Does Igor Cornelsen Think the Next Credit Crunch Has Arrived in 2016, Thanks to Brexit?

The problem with Brexit has been that much has been lost in the smoke of the resulting chaos. There is one very important fact that must be noted: Bank of England Chief Mark Carney has set up a fund to “help maintain stability.” Does Brazil Banking Expert Igor Cornelsen believe that Brexit could signal the beginning of the next Credit Crunch in 2016?

“Mark Carney: No More Bank Bail-Outs”

A very important duty of leadership is to provide real answers to real problems. In 2008, the United States and United Kingdom claimed that the entire Capitalist system would collapse if their financial institutions – AIG, Lehman, Bear Stearns and Alliance & Leicester – were not bailed out. The taxpayers were shocked, but ponied up the funds for the “Too Big To Fail” (TBTF) banks.

Former Canadian Banking Head Mark Carney was installed at the Bank of England in July 1, 2013. The UK public was clamoring for a much-needed change. The problem with TBTF is that it rewards “failure, malfeasance and fraud.”

In 2014, Bank of England Chief Mark Carney promised no more bank bail outs. It is tough to argue that poor Brits should bail out wealthy British bankers.

Read more:
Igor Cornelsen –

Igor Cornelsen – LinkedIn

“Did Carney Signal Credit Crunch Two?”

Although, Carney promised no more bail outs, after Brexit, he stated that the Bank of England was ready with a £250BILLION reserve fund to maintain stability. Isn’t this another bank bail out?

“Brazil Banking Risk Management”

If you don’t like continuing to rehash the same banking problems over and over again, then the Brazilian banking industry might offer a change of pace. Brazil Expert Igor Cornelsen, CNBC interview revealed why Brazil banking was a prime investment opportunity. Wealth Manager Igor Cornelsen can explain while Brazil banking is superior to the failed TBTF strategy.

Learn more about Igor Cornelsen:


Beneful’s Dry Varieties Meet the Changing Needs of Dogs

Beneful has been making dog food products to fit the changing needs dogs have for more than a decade. Dog owners will find their dry varieties of food the perfect way to help manage their dog’s overall state of good health.
The Beneful Healthy Weight variety is the perfect food to help trim down overweight dogs. While the ingredients provide less calories, there is no scrimping on the quality or taste. This recipe includes chunks of nutritious chicken derived from farm raised animals. In addition to providing a dog with essential protein, the Healthy Weight variety also provides dogs with essential vitamins through the combination of whole grains and tasty vegetables.

Beneful also knows the importance of starting dog’s out right, which is why they make their Healthy Puppy variety with bits of real peas and carrots. Puppies can also build strong muscles with the added pieces of chicken found in this nutritious recipe. The combination of real chicken, vegetables and whole grains also provides puppies with the nutrients needed to stay alert and active during their early stages of development.

A dog’s health and level of activity is directly related to the food it consumes. Beneful makes a Playful Life version of their dry dog food to ensure adult dogs stay happy, healthy and active through all the stages of their life. This variety combines pieces of beef and egg with tasty bits of spinach and blueberries. This unique combination provides a dog with 100 percent of the nutrients needed to develop strong muscles for an active life.

The team at Beneful also understand the nutritional needs of different dog breeds, which is why they make a version of dry dog food especially for small breed dogs. Their varieties of Incredibites come with either real bits of chicken or beef to help small dogs build strong muscles. They also include a variety of vegetables such as peas, carrots, sweet potatoes and spinach. Every bite is packed with essential nutrition and great taste. These products are sold on Walmart, online via and other supplies stores.

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Andy Wirth Discusses the Drought

Andy Wirth is the CEO and President of the Squaw Valley Ski Resort that is located in Northern California. In recent news, Andy Wirth sat down with KCRW Radio to not only talk about the merging of two ski resorts, but also the current drought that is devastating much of the land in the California region. Read more: Update on CEO Andy Wirth and his letter

As millions of Californian residents have reduced water consumption, this popular radio station was interested to hear how major businesses such as this luxurious resort is handling the drought. Andy Wirth, during this interview, responded in a calm and collected manner and stated that though the drought was not ideal, it did encourage the leaders of the resort to pursue alternative methods to reduce the use of water.

In the eyes of Andy Wirth, he even continued on to say how the drought is a good thing. When Mr. Wirth was even asked as to how many winters he thinks that this resort can survive at the rate of this continuous drought, Mr. Wirth calmly responded that the luxury ski resort could withstand an infinite amount of winters.

Though in the Tahoe Valley there is a much less rain fall, the Squaw Valley resort currently has over 6,000 acres that can be used by customers of the resort. Mr. Wirth continued this interview by stating that if the drought continues even further, he will invest in the snow making business as that will be a lucrative investment. You can learn more about Andy Wirth: and

New investments to continue to improve this high quality ski resort will prove to bring in new ski enthusiasts as snow in other ski resorts dissipate. In addition to new snow investments, Andy Wirth also states that the drought will give the resort the opportunity to create new events to attract more visitors.

The location of the resort is beautiful and should be demonstrated to all visitors through festivals and other events. The festivals that are carried out during the summer could continue to be carried out through the winter.

The current drought on the West coast has resulted in the Californians receiving around 27 percent less water than on average. Andy Wirth sees this as a good thing as it teaches the public to conserve more and to enjoy the water more.  Read more: Squaw Valley’s Andy Wirth appointed chair of Reno airport board

This drought, in the long-run will teach people how to use natural resources and how to conserve them. As a businessman and a nature lover, Andy Wirth has enjoyed his appointed position as the leader of the Squaw Valley Ski Resort that is located in one of the most beautiful parts of the world.

Though the drought has brought less rainfall and snow to the valley, Andy Wirth sees this as a positive and embraces this new challenge.


What Has Beneful Brought The Pet Food World?

Beneful is not like all those standard dog food brands out there. Made by Purina, Beneful falls under the heading of premium dog foods. That means something very special goes into the manufacturing of the wet foods, dry foods, and treats. Unique recipes are made, and the recipes focus on packing the contents with nutritious items.
Beneful has produced some very interesting and original food choice. Savory Rice & Lamb Stew is a wet food choice that positively is going to draw more than a few eyes. Lamb and rice absolutely do make an intriguing combination. The addition of peas and carrots to the wet food further round out the nutritional benefits the wet food serves. Peas and carrots are food for humans. They should be good for dogs, too.

Peas and carrots are also found in the dry food bag bearing the words “Beneful Original with Real Beef”. The prime ingredient of beef and all the protein it delivers is what most Amazon buyers are what most buyers are sold on. They know their dog is going to gobble up fine beef dry food with enthusiasm. Those carrots and peas do a nice job of helping the pet’s nutritional support. Spinach is all part of the mix as well. The value of spinach, a green vegetable, is pronounced.

Returning back to the option of more unique selections, Chopped Blends with Salmon is a nice choice. There are scores of different options in the Chopped Blends wet food line. All of these options have a different primary ingredient to choose from. Salmon has different nutritional benefits from beef and poultry, which is why serving a dog a nice bit of salmon once or twice per week would be a good move. The additional ingredients of tomatoes, carrots, and wild rice are a nutritional help as well.

Who ever said a tasty treat wasn’t appropriate now and then? Healthy Smile Dental Ridges is one really appealing treat [check out:] thanks to the obvious tooth-helping benefit of the snack.

Beneful really does have a ton of great options. All of them are worth looking at. Check their products on Wal-Mart.