The Future Of Education And The Future Of You

Wikipedia offers a seemingly infinite pool of knowledge for users to draw from. Thousands of people look at the website per second. People around the world use it largely through the search engine, Google. Whenever one looks something up via said search engine, the first thing to pop up is usually a Wikipedia link per whatever piece of information you need. At the moment a program taught by professors in which university students edit or create a Wikipedia page or pages as an alternative to writing traditional academic essays and term papers. The professors guide the students through the process, so that they may analyze how their students’ work shows individual comprehension of a subject. This study ponders the responsibility that educators have over the accuracy of articles available on Wikipedia. Additionally, students sharpen their writing skills and critical cognition all the while they’re adding a considerable amount of information to the online encyclopedia. The most recent focus of this program has been dedicated to both Science in general, female scientists, in particular. For the past few years a nonprofit organization, Wiki Education Foundation has been responsible for guiding this new academic initiative. 

Hundreds of universities across the Unites States are altering their curriculums, as to introduce classes that revolve around supervised academic management of Wikipedia by having their students make Wiki pages. Schools such as New York University, Duke, Harvard, UC Berkeley and many more are among the growing number of universities offering similar alternative academia. Ultimately Wikipedia can no longer be overlooked by Academics across the globe. The utilization of the web service by these celebrated educational institutions indicates a shift in academic circles know granting Wikipedia the attention it deserves as the future of the encyclopedia, and as a resource that needs to be maintained and taken seriously by the elite of scientists and educators. 

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