Nothing Beats Morrison

In a world where corruption is fast becoming second nature to most businesses, I see Morrison standing steady as a rock, glaring the dragon in the eye, as one of the most iconic women of the 21st century. After having studied Journalism at the Northwestern University (Bachelor’s) and at the Berkeley School of Law (J.D), Morrison found enlightenment from the torch of Posner and Blackmun successively for about years. It was probably under their shade that Helane realized the strength needed to weed out vice, nepotism and bribery from nearly all the sectors of the world, and most importantly, that she possessed that strength. (A complete detail of the professional life of Helane Morrison can be viewed on her Crunchbase page or you can connect with Helane’s LinkedIn profile to get news about her life and career).

The world of investment was shamelessly exposed on two occasions in the past: once when the Great Depression struck the entire Europe, and second when the 2007-2008 years brought a tornado of financial peril. The consequence was that most of the people realized for the first time the sense of false security they had been lulled into and faith in banks evaporated faster than the investment groups had imagined. Morrison found comfort and success in laying bare the violation of laws and the fraudulent approaches most of the investment groups were employing to lure the people into their trap. Owing to her fearless approach, she has been awarded the title of “Most Influential Woman in the Bay Area Business and Public Sector” four times. Helane has also been credited with empowering the women working in her wake and promoting a sense of equality among males and females in the workplace. Furthermore, it is not only the humans for which Helane harbors a soft spot. Her active membership of the Regional Parks Foundation speaks out her efforts to preserve the wildlife and do justice to the Mother Earth. 

With a talent as brazen as that of Morrison, I do not find it surprising that she was quickly appointed the Director of the SEC office in San Francisco before she became the Managing Director of the Hall Capital Partners. See more about Helane’s time with the organization here: The Brooklyn-bred lioness has managed to make a name for herself in a male-dominated world and challenge some of the most powerful firms and men in her litigation process that have been the highlight of her career and is an inspiration for all of us. 

Much of this was curated from an original article on Project Eve.